Driver Profile


Shannon Barry


19th April 1985


West Lakes


Personal Trainer

Other hobbies:

Downhill Mountain Biking

Categories raced and equipment used:

J-Open, KT Light, 125cc Light, 100cc Open, 200cc Open. Started in 2003 using Lightning Dominator and am now using the latest Lightning Xtreme Hybrid Inboard Chassis.

Why a Lightning Kart:

The professionalism and dedication to success. They have helped me get to where I am now.

Significant achievements in racing:

2nd - 2004 Western Australian Title: Perth - 100cc Open
Pole Position - 2005 South Australian Title: Lucindale - 100cc Open
2nd - 2005 South Australian Title: Lucindale - 100cc Open
3rd - 2005 Northern Territory Title: Alice Springs - 100cc Open
3rd - 2005 Northern Territory Title: Alice Springs - 125cc Light
6th - 2005 Australian Title: Strathalbyn - 100cc Open
2nd - 2006 South Australian Title: Roxby Downs - 100cc Open
1st - 2006 Riverland Challenge: Loxton & Renmark - 125cc Light
2nd - 2006 Northern Territory Title: Alice Springs - 100cc Open
2nd - 2007 Australian Speedway Kart Titles: Gillman - 100cc Open

How you got started:

Crewing for Philip March in the Sprint Car opened many doors. Lightning Karts made stickers for Philip's car, thus one day I went down there to pick some decals up from the Decal factory, and saw all the Karts sitting in the shop. Over the next couple of weeks I attended some local dirt kart meetings at Adelaide Dirt Kart Club which increased my interest. I was then given an opportunity to test the waters of Dirt Kart racing, and from there have never looked back.

The person who has been most helpful/influential to you in your racing, and how they have helped:

My dad. He helped me get started and if he wasn't there to lend a hand on those cold Sunday race mornings, I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved so far.

What are your aims in racing (this season and long term):

This season - Win a class at the Australian Dirt Kart Titles at Bordertown. Long Term - To race in the US in a Sprint Car.

Your most enjoyable moment in racing:

Finishing 2nd in the 2004 Western Australian Dirt Kart Title and seeing how happy it made my Dad whom celebrated hard for both of us. In the sprint car it would have to be finishing 3rd after starting 17th in the South Australian 360 sprint car Title at my first attempt.

Your least most enjoyable moment in racing:

The politics and petiness of some people involved. It ruins the sport and doesn't set a good example for new and young drivers. Advice for new drivers - just concentrate on driving and becoming a better person; leave the politics to the stewards.

What you like best about racing:

The feeling you get when you are pushing a race car to its limits and are millimetres away from becoming unstuck.