Driver Profile


Josh Manning


18th June 1992


Golden Grove



Other hobbies:


Categories raced and equipment used:

Junior National Heavy, Monaco GP5

Why a Lightning Kart:

They know how to build a fantastic engine that has helped me so much in the last 2 and a half years and are always willing to help with the right knowledge.

Significant achievements in racing:

2003-Festival state cup 2nd
2003-Closed state titles 1st
2004-Closed state title 2nd
2004-Festival state cup 2nd
2006 JNL- City of Adelaide titles 2nd
2006- Most improved junior
2007 JNL- Closed state titles 3rd
2007 JNL- city of Adelaide titles 2nd
2007 JNL- North West titles 3rd
2007 JNP- Junior showdown 3rd
2007 JNL- Junior showdown 1st
2007 JNL- Festival state cup 1st
2007 JNL- Southern Go-Kart Club championships 1st
2007 JNL- Southern Go-Kart Club perpetual cup

How you got started:

I had a real interest in cars and racing ever since I could say car and dad knew about go-karting so he took me down to Bolivar one day to watch the racing. I told him I wanted to start racing so we had a look at karts, bought one and that’s how I got started and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

The person who has been most helpful/influential to you in your racing, and how they have helped:

My dad, he has taken me interstate a few times and countless times to Mount Gambier. He dedicates his time and money even when he doesn’t feel like going down the track or is sick he still takes me for practice. He is always wanting to help and I wouldn’t have started or gotten to where I am now without him.

What are your aims in racing (this season and long term):

This season I aim to win the festival state cup for Junior National Heavy and long term my aim is to drive in the v8 super car series.

Your most enjoyable moment in racing:

When I first hopped in my kart in midgets.

Your least most enjoyable moment in racing:

One of my least enjoyable moments in racing was the 2006 sprint kart nationals at Bolivar. We didn’t qualify well and was put in the repechage and was taken out at the first corner.

What you like best about racing:

There are a couple of things that I particularly like about racing and they are getting to spend time with my dad and having a great time pushing the kart to its absolute limits.