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Universal Bolt Kit Large - inc storage box

A general assortment of bolts & nuts to keep you going at the track 193 items

Contains:20-6mm Nylock Nuts, 20-8mm Nylock Nuts, 20-6mm Small Washers,rn 10-6mm Medium Washers, 20-8mm Washers, 10-8mm Large Washers, 5-16x6mm Cap Bolt, 10-20x6mm Cap Bolt, 6-30x6mm Cap Bolt, 1-35-6mm Cap Bolt, 2-55x6mm Cap Bolt, 6-20x8mm Cap Bolt, 6-25x8mm Cap Bolt, 2-30x8mm Cap Bolt, 2-35x8mm Cap Bolt, 2-45x8mm Cap Bolt, 2-65x8mm Cap Bolt, 2-80x8mm Cap Bolt, 10-20x6mm C/Sunk bolt, 5-25x6mm C/Sunk Bolt, 2-25x8mm C/Sunk Bolt, 2-30x8mm C/Sunk Bolt, 2-40x8 C/Sunk Bolt, 2-50x8 C/Sunk bolt, 2-60x8 C/Sunk Bolt, 2-40x10 Cap Bolt, 4-Seat C/Sunk Washer, 6-6mm C/Sunk Washer & 10-Floortray Rubber Washer

ON SPECIAL $75.00 each (inc GST)
(Normally $84.95, SAVE 12%)


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