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GoPro Hero 7 Black - the top of the line model rnGoPro, a name synonymous with action, are back with your new favourite adventure partner, the Hero 7 Black. New in the 7 Black is live streaming, which allows you to share your most exhilarating moments while you are still living them - you don't need to wait until the thrill is over to show your friends. Hypersmooth Video Stabilisation allows you to produce gimbal-like levels of smoothness, without the need for a secondary, heavy accessory. Also included in the Hero 7 Black, without the need for an additional housing, is the rugged build and 10 meters waterproof rating.rnWhen your hands are busy focusing on the action, the Hero 7 Black is there to help, able to be voice controlled. From here you can set your GoPro down a path of filming and shooting, videos at 4K resolution and 12MP stills. When your hands are free you can utilise the touchscreen to navigate the intuitive and easy-to-master menu system. Keeping you shooting longer, the Hero 7 Black features a removable lithium battery, which means you can pick up a spare or two before your next trip.rnOther Key Features rn8x Slo-Mo videornPortrait orientation shootingrnTimeWarp videornAuto backup to cloud
$599.00 each (inc GST)
GoPro Hero 7 Silver - A solid all-around action cam
With the Hero 7 Silver, GoPro provide the adventure-minded with a high-performance all-around action cam, in a pocket friendly package. Small in stature, big on adventure, the Hero 7 Silver allows you to capture your most awe-inspiring moments in stunning 4K resolution video or 10MP stills. You can journey to the edges of the earth and beyond with the Hero 7 Silver, its rugged build and 10-meter waterproof qualities coming without the need for a separate housing.
When your hands are free you can navigate the intuitive menu of the GoPro Hero 7 Silver via the touchscreen. When your hands are occupied you can use voice control to set your GoPro firing. Choose between 2x Slo-Mo video, standard or vertical orientation to compose your footage, or even use the photo timer to allow yourself plenty of time to get into the frame. The GoPro Hero 7 Silver will help you capture all of the action from the best possible angle.
Other Key Features rn2x Slo-Mo video
Portrait orientation shooting
Auto back-up to cloud
Auto transfer to phone
Built-in rechargeable battery
$449.00 each (inc GST)
Take your first fun and exciting step into the world of action, with the GoPro Hero 7 White. Tough and small, the Hero 7 White is great for those that have always been action-minded and are looking at taking the next step of immortalising their adventures into Full HD videos. Controlling the Hero 7 White can be done via the touchscreen or Voice control, so you don't have to stop the action to get your GoPro ready, just go with the moment. rnTouch-sensitive 2-inch LCD screenrnPortrait-orientation shootingrn10m waterproofrnVoice controlrnFull HD Video
$299.00 each (inc GST)
New from GoPro is the exceptionally versatile Fusion 360 degree camera. With the ability to capture spherical images and videos at 5.2K, the Fusion is like a professional camera crew that you can take everywhere. The included top-tier stabilization makes it possible to capture incredible smooth and steady footage, without the need for secondary accessories or gimbals. The multiple built-in microphones capture precise audio from any angle, while voice control allows you to go hands-free and control the unit with a series of simple commands.
Waterproof to 5m
Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity
5.2K Spherical Video
18MP Spherical Photos
Voice Control
$899.00 each (inc GST)