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Easy to operate, Up to 4 drivers and 9 splits, Large high resolution display, Infrared temp sensor, wireless print of data, Store driver, track names.
$215.00 each (inc GST)
Made up of a compact LCD display with an infa-red transmitter that attaches to your vehicle and a beacon for the pit wall.
$99.00 each (inc GST)
60 recallable lap and split memory, lap counter, fastest, slowest and average lap time display, plus much more....
$75.00 each (inc GST)
The Alfano Kronos is the ultimate hand held timing device. It allows timing of up to 4 vehicles at one time, including up to 9 splits for each vehicle, with 99 lap memory and best lap recall for all vehicles.
$190.00 each (inc GST)
Time up to 4 karts
$200.00 each (inc GST)