100cc Running-In Procedure

  1. Warm up engine, Low to Medium speeds only for 3-5 minutes (0-30%), then allow engine to cool. This is not an essential step.
  2. For the next 15 minutes run in the motor accelerating from low to medium speeds. Ensure that the engine is running on the richer side during running in.
  3. After the motor has cooled, Increase the running in speed. Accelerate from 1/4 to 3/4 Speed.
  4. The final stage of running in requires a gradual reduction on the high speed jet setting as you go on. Start this session off by setting your high speed jet so that it is ?four stroking? 3/4 of the way down the straight. After several laps you should start winding the high speed jet in 1/16 of a turn per lap until the correct jet setting is obtained. You should not stay out on the track for this session much longer than you would in an average race.
NOTE: Synthetic oil should not be used to run your engine in. (Shell Racing M is acceptable)

125 Leopard Running-In Procedure
The break-in of the engine must be performed following a few fundamental rules:

  1. Adjust the carburetion. Start with and adjustment on the rich side.
  2. Warm the engine gradually for about 5 minutes at half throttle, making some laps at low speed, gently closing and opening the carb. Throttle (if a tachometer is installed never exceed 11,000 ? 12,000 RPM) Never keep the same RPM for a long time.
  3. Progressively increase the speed of the kart for 5 minutes at ? throttle opening. Never keep the same RPM for a long time.
  4. Increase the speed for 5 minutes, at max. speed on the twisty parts of the circuit and making the engine rich at half straight (cover with the hand for an instant the holes on the airfilter, keeping the throttle wide open).
Once the break-in is over and the engine is cold, check the torque of the exhaust header nuts as, during the break-in, the nuts tend to become loose.

125 Rotax Max Running-In Procedure
It is recommended that a NGK B9EGV Spark plug is fitted for the 30 minute running in procedure. This is to assist in avoiding a fouled-up spark plug. After the run in procedure is completed re-fit the NGK B10EIX or Denso IW31

To achieve the longest possible life span of components the engine has to be subject to a defined running in period at first operation of the engine or after a repair of the crankshaft or piston.

  1. Start the engine and run the kart on the track for 15 minutes at continuously changing load and engine speed fluctuating up to 9,000 rpm maximum.
  2. For the next session on the track, run the kart for 15 minutes with load and speed changes up to 11,000 rpm maximum.
After this running in period the full power of the engine may be used.