A.K.A Licenses

Racing License
If you plan on racing you will need an A.K.A. racing license. If you have not raced karts before you will need to apply for an AKA Provisional C Grade license. You will be required to attend an OLT (observed license test) before you begin your racing career and then start your first three race meetings from the rear of the field. Once the stewards have given you the three required endorsements you must then perform flag marshal duties for a race meeting and then you will then be given your C Grade license. To upgrade to a B Grade license you will need to compete in 10 race meetings at 3 different tracks.

Cost: - $185.00 for the first year and $165.00 for juniors
$175.00 for the second onwards and 155.00 for juniors

Practice License
If you only plan to use an official race track for recreational use than you will only be required to purchase a Practice license.

Cost: - $150.00